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2. Rental Program: The Rental program consists of the following:
    1. Listing of rental on our website
    2. Sending promotional fliers to potential clients.
    3. Maintaining a guest/owner rental calendar
    4. Providing confirmation and collection of deposit and rental money
    5. Deposit rental income in Owner’s bank account
    6. The fee structure for the Rental Program if you have acquired the standard package of House Management is 15 % of rental income.
    7. If we are not the property manager for your property, the rental fee will be 20 %.

Property Management
  1. House Management: The Standard Package of House Management services consist of the following:
  1. Payment of Utilities, Maid(s), Cook(s) and Gardeners if       applicable
  2. Property Tax payment
  3. Random Inspection of the property
  4. Monthly Accounting reports
  5. The fee for Standard Package of House Management service in Usd is as follows : From 80 to 150 Usd per month depending on the property (+ 15 % sales tax).
  6. Special services like decoration, furnishing, remodeling, grocery shopping, maintenance, repairs will be charged 15 % on top of the expense involved.

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